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Heatless Curls Overnight Headband

Introducing the revolutionary Curling Band Headband, a heat-free and convenient way to style your hair effortlessly. Simply place the headband on your head, wrap dry or slightly wet hair around it, and secure them with the bottom of the headband. Start near the top for the best results. Leave it on for an hour or two during the day or overnight for stunning curls or waves. No electricity needed, no damage to your hair. It's the perfect tool for achieving beautiful hairstyles quickly and easily.

The Curling Band Headband is not only convenient but also makes a great gift. Suitable for dry or wet hair, it's easy to use and comfortable. Treat your family, friends, and colleagues to this fantastic hair styling tool. Say goodbye to tangled cords and waiting for heat to warm up. With the Curling Band Headband, you can effortlessly create gorgeous hairstyles every day. Experience the joy of styling without the heat and embrace a new era of hair care and convenience.

Package Content
1 Curling iron + 2 hair curls/1 curling iron + 2 hair circle +1 clip


Color: Black
style: 3Pcs Set

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